Hello world!


Welcome to my new blog, Queenmom’s Royal Thoughts!  I have been “Queenmom” for about 16 years now…as this is the age of my oldest son. Having one boy made me think that I was “queen of the household.” Now that I have two sons, ages 16 and 12, I have truly earned the right to call myself queen…and to remind my family every day of it!

I am a columnist, a freelance writer, an online Communication professor, an actress and a busy wife and mother.  I’ll share my monthly columns here with you; I will post recipes and pictures that make me smile (and hope they will brighten your day, too), and I will share my reflections on life as Queenmom with you.

I’m a new blogger on wordpress, although I had a blog for years on blogspot.  Pardon the newbie errors, trials and tribulations, and please smile, and hold on for the ride! It’s going to be awesome!