I’ve always thought of myself as royalty. Who hasn’t?!? As a young girl, I told my little sister that since I didn’t have the same kink in my ear that everyone else in the family had, I was certainly a princess who had been misplaced at the hospital so I ended up in my Midwestern family. She never bought it.

Now that I am chronologically a grown-up and am married with two sons and two dogs, I still have that sense of misplaced royalty and have adopted the moniker of Queenmom. What mother of boys isn’t a queen in her household, anyway? I am Queenmom in all email correspondence and it’s a name that not many ever forget.

In this blog, I will rant; I will rave; I will hopefully strike a chord with you so you will become a follower and a friend.

To all other mothers of boys out there…let’s unite! I need some girl talk more than words can say! To all women in general, hey, it’s great to meet you! Don’t let my name put you off; there is room on my “throne” for everyone! To all men, it’s also nice to meet you. I speak your language (food, technology, sports, and bodily functions) and you might just find that the “Queenmom” in your household is a lot like me.

Welcome! Time to get the thoughts rolling!                                                                    IMG_5273