Hating Video Games with All My Soul

Let me just say that I wish I had never allowed a video game console of any kind into my house. With two boys, this is all they do. Escape to their room, turn on their XBox and vegetate, swear, yell and get my blood pressure out of control if I am anywhere in the tri-state vicinity. 

I don’t have a lot of time to rant and rave about this since I am picking up my youngest son from Confirmation and dropping him off at the children’s theater for rehearsal in a matter of minutes, but I feel like a bad mom who has made a terrible mistake very early in my sons’ lives. 

The games didn’t used to be so bad. Now with that awful Call of Duty crap that boys seem drawn to, I feel like I am raising future terrorists. 

On that wonderful note, I am now going to pick up my youngest terrorist from Confirmation. 


Last Tango at Halifax

Let me just say that I have found a new love.  I don’t readily fall in love with a t.v. show, but in this rare case, I have fallen hard. I came upon a blog singing the praises of “Last Tango at Halifax” on the BBC, and low and behold, the PBS site has all 6 episodes for the next 8 days. Since I only allow myself to really watch one “guilty pleasure” show while I am on the elliptical, it was my lucky day that I stumbled upon this show today…with time to watch the other 5 episodes before having to buy the DVD!

In a nutshell, it’s the classic “boy meets girl” scenario, except in this case, the boy and girl met in their teens, and they are now in their late 60s/early 70s. Each has had a full life, married and had children, and each has also had their spouse die. Enter Facebook as the matchmaker, and they rediscover each other, meet face-to-face, and the adventures start from the time they reconnect in a coffee shop. Car chases, heart problems, family problems galore…yes, this is my kind of show. Add the fabulous accents, the wonderful acting and the breathtaking scenery and it ranks right up there with another one of my faves…”The Walking Dead.”  (I know…don’t judge. The two don’t go together at all. They’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, and maybe this is what attracts me to each of them. From reality to so-far-out-of-the-realm-of-reality…yup, two things that everyone needs a little more of in their lives!)

The countdown to watching free episodes is on. I think my friend, the Ellipy, is going to get a workout in the next couple days!