Hating Video Games with All My Soul

Let me just say that I wish I had never allowed a video game console of any kind into my house. With two boys, this is all they do. Escape to their room, turn on their XBox and vegetate, swear, yell and get my blood pressure out of control if I am anywhere in the tri-state vicinity. 

I don’t have a lot of time to rant and rave about this since I am picking up my youngest son from Confirmation and dropping him off at the children’s theater for rehearsal in a matter of minutes, but I feel like a bad mom who has made a terrible mistake very early in my sons’ lives. 

The games didn’t used to be so bad. Now with that awful Call of Duty crap that boys seem drawn to, I feel like I am raising future terrorists. 

On that wonderful note, I am now going to pick up my youngest terrorist from Confirmation. 


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