So God Made a Mother

And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a nurturer.” So God made a mother.

God said, “I need someone strong enough to take care of herself and her family, and yet weak enough to know it’s okay to ask for help when she needs it. I need someone willing to focus on the trials and tribulations of life, consoling others when needed and celebrating with them as much as possible. I need a caring and gentle soul to know when others need guidance, even when they don’t know it themselves.” So God made a mother.

“I need someone who will love her family with all her heart, even when they seem the most unlovable. I need a warrior who stand up for her family and never back down on her convictions. I need someone to be an advocate for family members in poor health, someone who accompanies her loved ones to doctor appointments, hospital and nursing home stays, and remains upbeat for them even when she feels like sobbing.” So God made a mother.

God said, “I’m looking for someone who will try anything at least once. She should risk life and limb taking photos and capturing memories, turning those memories into beautiful scrapbooks for her children and grandchildren. I need someone who isn’t soft-spoken who will get the best deals, plan the best routes, and have enough energy for people half her age.” So God made a mother.

“I need someone who will recycle older outfits so her children can wear new ones. I need someone who will be satisfied not to have the latest and most current technology, even if it means she sometimes has to miss her favorite TV show because the channel isn’t coming in. I need someone willing to stay at home while her children travel around the world and be just as happy hearing about their travels as actually having traveled herself. I need someone who appreciates the little things in life, like a phone conversation with a friend or relative, or a treat at a coffee shop every once in a while.” So God made a mother.

God had to have somebody who has a strong faith in Him and teaches her family to do the same, even if her own faith waivers at times because of difficult life circumstances. He needs someone who is a living example of how she wants her family to live instead of preaching to them the virtues of what should be done. He wants a person to be a guiding force when she needs to be and yet a laid-back observer when she can be. This person needs to be kind when she doesn’t feel like being kind, polite when she feels like screaming instead, and open to whatever may come her way, though she may feel she doesn’t have the energy for anything more. So God made a mother.

God said, “I need someone to be understanding, even when others might not deserve it. I need her to be able to laugh at herself and not mind when her children laugh at her, too. I need someone who will always listen to others, even when she needs a listening ear herself.” So God made a mother.

“I also need someone who is genuinely interested in others, is patient to a fault, and loves life and all it has to offer. Her advice to her daughters will be, ‘Slap a little lipstick on and you’ll be fine,’ and her one word comment to almost anything will be simply, ‘Crazy!’ Her eyes will tell you how she feels even when her words say otherwise. Her arms will always be there for a hug or a pat on the back. Her legs will be stronger than an older woman’s legs should be, carrying her up and down flights of stairs caring for her husband. Her heart will be full…full of wonder for this beautiful life, full of curiosity for what’s to come, and full of unconditional love for her family…who loves her just as fiercely as she loves them.” So God made a mother.

And I’m so glad He made mine.


(Inspired by Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” and this column was originally published in the Globe-Gazette on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016)


Michelle Sprout Murray is a freelance writer who lives in Mason City with her husband and two sons. She may be reached at


Time to Get Serious about Blogging

Call me crazy, but I was reading about a bloggers’ group right here in North Iowa and then I fell asleep. Lo and behold, my dreams continued with these bloggers, putting me in the midst of a huge convention where I was the winner of a big prize just for attending. I have had a strange feeling all day that this was a sign for me to pick up my old and tired blog and breathe some life into it again. I really need to learn WordPress and the best way is to just jump in.

Here I go… I’m jumping!

iPhone pix thru December 2014 486

“The way to get…

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

–Walt Disney

I have this quote in front of me on my desk, and it signifies what my focus is…DOING instead of TALKING about it. What on earth will I be doing, you ask?!?  Writing my first book, of course! Sept. 10, 2014 is the date I have given myself to begin DOING…without distractions. I’ll keep you posted. It’s going to be amazing!

Hating Video Games with All My Soul

Let me just say that I wish I had never allowed a video game console of any kind into my house. With two boys, this is all they do. Escape to their room, turn on their XBox and vegetate, swear, yell and get my blood pressure out of control if I am anywhere in the tri-state vicinity. 

I don’t have a lot of time to rant and rave about this since I am picking up my youngest son from Confirmation and dropping him off at the children’s theater for rehearsal in a matter of minutes, but I feel like a bad mom who has made a terrible mistake very early in my sons’ lives. 

The games didn’t used to be so bad. Now with that awful Call of Duty crap that boys seem drawn to, I feel like I am raising future terrorists. 

On that wonderful note, I am now going to pick up my youngest terrorist from Confirmation. 

Last Tango at Halifax

Let me just say that I have found a new love.  I don’t readily fall in love with a t.v. show, but in this rare case, I have fallen hard. I came upon a blog singing the praises of “Last Tango at Halifax” on the BBC, and low and behold, the PBS site has all 6 episodes for the next 8 days. Since I only allow myself to really watch one “guilty pleasure” show while I am on the elliptical, it was my lucky day that I stumbled upon this show today…with time to watch the other 5 episodes before having to buy the DVD!

In a nutshell, it’s the classic “boy meets girl” scenario, except in this case, the boy and girl met in their teens, and they are now in their late 60s/early 70s. Each has had a full life, married and had children, and each has also had their spouse die. Enter Facebook as the matchmaker, and they rediscover each other, meet face-to-face, and the adventures start from the time they reconnect in a coffee shop. Car chases, heart problems, family problems galore…yes, this is my kind of show. Add the fabulous accents, the wonderful acting and the breathtaking scenery and it ranks right up there with another one of my faves…”The Walking Dead.”  (I know…don’t judge. The two don’t go together at all. They’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, and maybe this is what attracts me to each of them. From reality to so-far-out-of-the-realm-of-reality…yup, two things that everyone needs a little more of in their lives!)

The countdown to watching free episodes is on. I think my friend, the Ellipy, is going to get a workout in the next couple days!


I’ve always thought of myself as royalty. Who hasn’t?!? As a young girl, I told my little sister that since I didn’t have the same kink in my ear that everyone else in the family had, I was certainly a princess who had been misplaced at the hospital so I ended up in my Midwestern family. She never bought it.

Now that I am chronologically a grown-up and am married with two sons and two dogs, I still have that sense of misplaced royalty and have adopted the moniker of Queenmom. What mother of boys isn’t a queen in her household, anyway? I am Queenmom in all email correspondence and it’s a name that not many ever forget.

In this blog, I will rant; I will rave; I will hopefully strike a chord with you so you will become a follower and a friend.

To all other mothers of boys out there…let’s unite! I need some girl talk more than words can say! To all women in general, hey, it’s great to meet you! Don’t let my name put you off; there is room on my “throne” for everyone! To all men, it’s also nice to meet you. I speak your language (food, technology, sports, and bodily functions) and you might just find that the “Queenmom” in your household is a lot like me.

Welcome! Time to get the thoughts rolling!                                                                    IMG_5273

Hello world!


Welcome to my new blog, Queenmom’s Royal Thoughts!  I have been “Queenmom” for about 16 years now…as this is the age of my oldest son. Having one boy made me think that I was “queen of the household.” Now that I have two sons, ages 16 and 12, I have truly earned the right to call myself queen…and to remind my family every day of it!

I am a columnist, a freelance writer, an online Communication professor, an actress and a busy wife and mother.  I’ll share my monthly columns here with you; I will post recipes and pictures that make me smile (and hope they will brighten your day, too), and I will share my reflections on life as Queenmom with you.

I’m a new blogger on wordpress, although I had a blog for years on blogspot.  Pardon the newbie errors, trials and tribulations, and please smile, and hold on for the ride! It’s going to be awesome!